Gabi Insurance Review [2023]

Gabi is not a real insurance company but a quote comparison website. According to the company, customers stand to save an average of more than $900 on their policy through Gabi.

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Undoubtedly, buying insurance can take a lot of time and effort for customers, especially those who need insurance with special features. But more and more online tools are making it easier and faster for consumers to shop for insurance than ever before. Gabi Insurance is one of these tools.

Through our Gabi car insurance review, you will be able to determine details of this broker, including who owns the company, and determine if Gabi is the right choice for you.

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Gabi Insurance Overview

Gabi is an excellent insurance comparison platform based in San Francisco, licensed in all 50 states and Washington DC. The platform streamlines the quote process and finds the best insurance offer as quickly as possible. To do this, its tool verifies and compares the client’s current policy with other insurance agencies and provides a quote in no more than 2 minutes. Indeed 70% of the time, the quote obtained is cheaper than your current auto insurance premium!

In addition to its web platform, Gabi also has a mobile app that works precisely the same way as the website and is compatible with most Android and Apple devices.

What is Gaby exactly?

You may have heard of Gabi Insurance from TV commercials or online insurance commercials, but you may be wondering if Gabi is really an insurance company. Well, no. Gabi does not offer any specific coverage or write its own policies. It is also not able to file or close insurance claims.

Gabi is simply an online insurance broker who ensures that its clients may be able to save several hundred on their insurance premiums.

However, as Gabi is a real licensed insurance broker, the platform actually sells policies. That’s why they are careful not to sell your information to the “highest bidder” who, in an attempt to win your business, would call you individually, getting annoying if you don’t want to receive a million phone calls and emails after you fill out a form.

Customers can find great rates as the company can make it easy to shop for insurance through its free, technology-based online tool. Other insurance shopping tools allow you to compare quotes by yourself, but Gabi makes the process even easier by actually making the comparisons for you. This means customers spend even less time getting the right insurance for them.

Gabi’s simple online quoting system is intended to help customers save time and money when shopping for insurance. Through its simple comparisons, you can get Gabi insurance quotes in just minutes.

Who is Gabi owned by?

With the goal of simplifying the auto insurance shopping experience, Gabi was created in 2016 by Dr. Hanno Fichtner, its current CEO, and another group of co-founders. The name Gabi was chosen from the acronym for “Gate A Better Insurance.” Fun fact, the team, after buying the domain, realized that native English speakers would actually say “get better insurance.” However, this did not cause the team to change the name, but instead, they graciously decided to keep the name.

It was in November 2021 that the multinational consumer credit reporting company, Experian, bought Gabi with the aim of expanding into the car insurance market.

Gabi currently partners with several auto insurance companies such as Allstate, Safeco, Travelers, Nationwide, Progressive, and newer insurance providers such as Clearcover.

How does Gaby make money?

As with any insurance broker, when a client buys a policy through Gabi, a commission goes directly to the company’s profits. Fortunately, there is no surcharge for consumers who use Gabi to compare prices, as this payment comes from the marketing budget of Gabi’s insurance partners. That’s why Gabi’s tool is free to use.

Gabi Insurance

How does Gabi work?

Gabi takes buying insurance online to the next level: most online brokers will offer a bunch of quotes that the customer then has to review for themselves. But Gabi uses its platform to ease the process and make the comparison for you.

From Gabi’s website or mobile app, Gabi’s quoting process begins by collecting personal information to create an account for you, including your phone number, email, date of birth, marital status, and a few other details. Gabi’s disclaimer commits the company not to share or sell any of these data, including phone numbers and email addresses.

You will then need to fill out the short form with your current insurance information, including car mileage, driving history, etc. This process only takes a few minutes and then provides the cheapest Gabi insurance quotes it could find based on your individual characteristics.

After that, you’ll receive quotes via text or email for the same type of policy from the 40+ insurance companies Gabi has contracted with.

For some types of coverage, the process can take up to 48 hours, but in many cases, drivers using Gabi can get a policy in a matter of minutes.

Compare Gabi Insurance Products

As Gabi partners with several companies that offer a wide variety of insurance products, the platform allows you to compare various insurance quotes online. Through its website or mobile app, the customer can request quotes for:

  • Auto insurance
  • Home insurance
  • Renters insurance
  • Umbrella insurance
  • Landlord insurance

In addition, you can use the Gabi Car Insurance Calculator to estimate your auto insurance rate. You should be aware that for all insurance policies, Gabi acts as a broker and not an insurer, simply providing you with quotes from real insurance companies to choose from.

Gabi Auto Insurance Rates

Since Gabi is not a car insurance company but a quote comparison website, then it is not really possible to offer average Gabi car insurance rates. However, Gabi claims that you can get lower average rates through its platform. But, can you really save money on your policy if you use Gabi’s tool?

According to the company’s website, more than 60% of users get reduced rates through Gabi. The average annual savings is $961 per consumer.

In some Gabi reviews, consumers point out that their quoted rate was higher at the time they went to purchase the policy. Actually, this is not uncommon for insurance quote comparison websites. This is because before setting your final rate, the insurer must verify the information on your application. In case of missing information or inconsistencies, the final cost of your insurance will likely be affected. This inconsistent information is prevalent in the information offered on credit score, driving history, and insurance history. However, more variables also affect the general Gabi car Insurance rates.

Still, comparing the average cost of auto insurance in your state with Gabi insurance quotes is always good practice.

Gabi Insurance Coverage Options and Discounts

Since Gabi is just a broker acting as a facilitator between the client and the actual company insuring them, the discounts and coverage options available vary. During the Gabi Insurance quote process, customers can review the discounts and coverage available for each type of insurance.

Gabi Insurance Reviews and Ratings

In general, consumers offer positive Gabi insurance reviews. On Gabi’s own website, there is a section of third-party verified reviews, where the company boasts a rating of 4.8 stars out of 5, with more than 4.5 thousand reviews.

Gabi is a new company so expect not to find a ton of ratings on sites that provide reviews for insurance companies like Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau (BBB). However, Gabi is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​​​and has an A+ rating, confirming that it is a reliable company. However, consumers seem to tell a different story, giving only 1.72 stars out of 5.

Negative reviews bring up the issue of inaccurate quotes and claim they don't feel comfortable sharing payment details before seeing final rates, which is understandable.

The response offered by the company mentions that the advance payment information is used to speed up the payment process once the client selects a final policy. Regarding the alleged misleading quotes, the company explains that they occur when the client offers incomplete or inaccurate information in their quote application.

On the other hand, clients also praise the company for making the insurance buying process easy, saving them money and time searching for Gabi Insurance quotes. When customers buy various types of insurance through Gabi’s platform, the discounts on insurance premiums are remarkable.

Another positive aspect highlighted by customers is whether they need basic or specialized coverage with high limits and add-ons to their policy, they can choose a company based on their individual characteristics as a customer.

Gabi Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Save money: Through Gabi’s intuitive technology, customers can find the lowest rates for multiple types of insurance and save an average of more than $900.
  • Your privacy is secure: Gabi works directly with partners as an intermediary, so unlike many insurance comparison sites, it doesn’t sell your personal information. So you won’t get a flood of emails and calls from insurance companies after using Gabi.
  • Quick and easy process: Once you provide the required information, Gabi sends you a list of quotes in a few minutes. The company boasts of its ability to compare up to 40 quotes in two minutes or less.
  • Partnered with multiple insurance companies: Gabi partners with over 40 insurance providers, including large and small businesses. Therefore, you will most likely get many quotes through Gabi and multiple types of insurance.
  • Available insurance advisors: You can email or chat with a personal advisor to make a claim or clarify doubts once you have chosen a policy.


  • Access to only some companies: Gabi does not provide quotes for all national and local insurance companies but rather provides access only to Gabi members.
  • Quotes are not final: When the actual insurance company reviews your information, the final rate may vary based on a number of factors.
  • Customer experience varies: While some Gabi customers may be highly satisfied, others not so much, as particular experiences depend on each provider.
  • Brand new company: Gabi hasn’t been in the insurance market for long, although it has already proven itself with an A+ rating from the BBB.

Final Takeaways about Gabi

Gabi is definitely a reliable and safe auto insurance comparison resource. It is excellent for those looking for lots of free insurance comparisons in a short time but who are too busy to compare a bunch of quotes on their own.

Gabi’s quote comparison tool makes the process easy and almost always offers lower rates than current rates for most customers. That’s why the website highlights that Gabi customers can save hundreds of dollars annually by using the platform. However, while not all clients get a cheaper option by using the quoting tools, at least Gabi lets them know.

Another advantage of Gabi is that any customer from any state can obtain coverage through its website, as the company partners with more than 40 companies providing coverage nationwide. Now, this is also the reason why Gabi’s quotes are not final, since they need the approval of the insurer that provides the coverage. Many Gabi clients have complained about this happening. However, Gabi never sells customer information to third parties as they take your privacy very seriously.

Now you understand a little more about Gabi Insurance. However, you can also enter your zip code in our free quote comparison tool below and compare rates from several providers near you in a few minutes.

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