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Victoria Insurance

Victoria Insurance Overview

Victoria Insurance was founded in 1983 in Cleveland, Ohio, and started out offering cheap personal car insurance, focusing on non-standard coverage. Today, Victoria Insurance is a thriving subsidiary of the Nationwide Insurance Company. 

Victoria still maintains its core values of offering superior protection and coverage, leading products that lead the competition, and outstanding service. The insurer now operates nationally in 26 states for personal coverage and is licensed in 15 states to sell commercial auto insurance. 

The Victoria Insurance Group is made up of five entities. These include: 

  • Victoria Fire and Casualty Co
  • Victoria Automobile Insurance Co
  • Victoria National Insurance Co
  • Victoria Specialty Insurance
  • Victoria Select Insurance Co 

Victoria Auto Insurance

The insurer offers several types of auto insurance 

  • Personal Car Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Non-Standard Policies 

 Offered are basic lines of coverage:

  • Liability Only Policies (from state minimum coverage and up)
  • Collision 
  • Comprehensive 

It’s important to note that Victoria has different coverage availability per state. To see the exact coverage offered where you live, you need to contact a local agent near you. 

Victoria Non-Standard Auto Insurance

Victoria writes a large amount of non-standard auto insurance policies. These drivers have a bad driving record and often have difficulty obtaining coverage through traditional insurers. 

Non-standard coverage applies to many drivers who have serious offenses on their driving record, including reckless driving charges, several at-fault accidents, and even DUIs (driving under the influence).

Some drivers may be required to obtain an SR-22. It is proof of insurance that can be filed electronically with the DMV. Victoria agents can help you fill out all the paperwork and file it appropriately. Call an agent today to get started.    

Victoria has a strong track record of insuring higher-risk drivers, but some drivers still might not qualify for coverage. Enter your zip code and fill out a free online application. Get a free quote today. 

Victoria Commercial Auto Insurance

Thousands of small businesses out there with vehicles in operation need to be covered. Victoria Insurance provides commercial coverage at rates lower than many larger competitors. 

Whether you need coverage for one vehicle or a fleet of over 50, Victoria can provide quality coverage and affordable rates. For more than one commercial vehicle, you can qualify for multi-vehicle discounts. Call an agent today to see how much you can save.  

Victoria Insurance Discounts

There are several discounts drivers can use to save even more money. 

  • Good Driver Discount
  • Senior Citizen
  • Multi-Vehicle discount
  • Good Student Discount (must have a GPA of 3.5 or higher)
  • Active Military and Veteran Discounts

Victoria Insurance Ratings 

Since Victoria Insurance is now owned by Nationwide, they are no longer individually rated.

However, Nationwide has earned an A rating by the prestigious firm A.M. Best. This solid rating reflects Nationwide’s excellent balance sheet and healthy operating margins. 

Victoria Insurance Website 

Since Nationwide acquired Victoria Insurance in 2003, no separate website sells the company’s policies. However, Nationwide did keep the Victoria name and agents. 

Call an agent today and discuss your insurance options to get more information on Victoria Insurance coverage and rates.  

Victoria Car Insurance Advantages

Victoria offers several benefits that help separate it from the competition.

  • Low Deposit plans. Safe Drivers that meet certain requirements can get low deposit policies from just $50 down. 
  • Flexible Installment Payments. Victoria allows flexible billing and lets you decide when to pay your monthly installment payment. Some people pay their bills on the 1st of the month while others pay on the 15th.
  • Affordable Rates. Victoria is consistently one of the cheapest insurers in the states it operates in for non-standard coverage. Call an agent and get a free non-standard auto insurance quote in minutes. 
  • Excellent Customer support. Whether you need to cancel your policy or file a claim, Victoria has dedicated representatives who will help you no matter how small or complicated your issue is. Representatives are standing by 24/7 to assist you. 

Final Take 

Victoria Insurance should be on your list if you are looking for affordable non-standard auto insurance. It’s worth getting a quote and comparing Victoria to other competitors to see who has the best rates. 

One disadvantage is there’s no an individual website where a person can get an online quote or where current customers can make changes to their policy or file a claim. 

Victoria insurance could save you some money if you need cheap non-standard coverage or commercial auto insurance is one of the 26 states it serves. Nationwide has totally absorbed Victoria into its operations, so all quote inquiries need to go through them first. To compare low-cost rates in minutes, enter your zip and fill out a quick online application.  

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