Direct line car insurance DUI or DWI?

direct line car insurance

Direct Line car insurance company extend coverage for typical accidents however when it comes to damage from a DUI or DWI you may not get coverage, depending on the type of coverage you have and the policy details. Even with the right auto insurance, however, there are still some costs that will never get a protection under a DUI or DWI accident.

For drivers who only have liability, it’s important to note that Direct liability insurance never covers damage to your vehicle in any accident where you were at fault. All we say it could be from a DUI or just a standard accident. Liability insurance provides coverage only for other cars.

Direct line car insurance cover damages in a DUI accident?

Most car accident damages resulting from a DUI or DWI will be covered if you have the right insurance. However not all the costs associated with driving under the influence charge will be. Attorney fees and court cost related to the DUI or DWI charge are never covered under an auto insurance policy. If you are guilty of a DUI or DWI, expect to pay $10,000 or higher in fines, attorney fees, and court costs and then you have additional transportation costs, loss of work and more. While auto insurance may assist in repairing some vehicle damage and paying for medical expenses, it will never prevent you from incurring a lot of expenditure related to dealing with the court system after a DUI.

Direct line car insurance rates increase after a DUI or DWI?

Yes, with absolute certainty. Anyone convicted of a DUI or DWI will face a high rise in the cost of auto insurance. Having a DUI it really sucks, for sure they will cancel your coverage at the next renewal period. A driving under the influence conviction will automatically classify you among the highest risk drivers to insure. Whit a DUI in your record, for sure many auto insurance companies, will not insure you.

Filling SR-22
If you require filing an SR-22 form, then you need to find an insurance company who will file this form with the state. Many of the most well-known auto insurance companies do not offer this service and, therefore, cannot insure you. Any DUI or DWI conviction will lead to a wealth of bills, and you can bet on higher Direct insurance quotes for at least a few years.

Will my auto insurance company cancel my coverage after a DUI?
Auto insurance companies cannot cancel your existing coverage in the middle of a policy term. However, companies sell all the auto insurance policies in 6-month terms. Every six months the auto insurance company can elect whether or not to renew your coverage. Even long-time policyholders who have been with the same insurer for 20 years or more can see their auto insurance cancelled after a DUI or DWI.

How much will my auto insurance increase after a DUI?

This will depend on some variables. However, you can bet on paying more for Direct line car insurance after a DUI. Some industry experts predict up to 200% or more increase in the cost of auto insurance after a DUI. You also will have far more limited options to choose from.

Less coverage, high-risk drivers, DUI
Some of these options may never provide the same level of coverage you once had. Mainly, you will not only pay more for insurance but also have less coverage. Finding affordable auto insurance after a DUI can be a difficult task. High-risk drivers need to compare as many options as possible.