Direct Health Insurance

Excellent health and great healthcare is something to strive for

Having direct and immediate access to the best medical care possible is what you deserve. We connect our customers with the countries top healthcare providers, to deliver quality coverage at low rates. We have a variety of health insurance options that will fit within your budget and desired level of healthcare services. We also understand the complexity of the new healthcare laws that have been initiated and will work with you to make buying health insurance worry free.

Despite one’s socioeconomic, health or legal status, we believe it is your right to access affordably priced healthcare and that is our mission to our valued customers. Our industry leading licensed professionals will assist you in every aspect of purchasing healthcare coverage and will answer any questions you might have. We are committed to getting you and your family covered at rates the competition just can’t match.

Get your free health insurance quote and let us create an affordable custom healthcare plan for you today.

Why We All Need Health Insurance

Your personal health is a big measurement of your peace of mind, satisfaction and quality of life.  If you get sick or have some unforeseen event happen to you like a car accident, you could need costly medical care.  Not being insured means you could be stuck for expensive hospital bills that might devastate you financially.  A good healthcare plan will not only pay for medical expenses when you need them, but also protect you financially.  Major health issues and diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, surgeries and daily medications can cost a small fortune.  Let us get you insured with the best health coverage at great prices.

Having great Healthcare Coverage is just plain smart

Most people that have health insurance tend to stay healthier for the most part, because they get more regular check ups and thus get preventive medical care.  Today, more than ever, each of us should get regular screenings for cancer and other potential serious health related issues.  If you do not have coverage, chances are that you will delay important health screenings that could prevent a heart attack or cancer from spreading.  Getting covered with a good plan can actually save you money in the long run by detecting health issues before they become major problems that can cost a fortune.

Under Obamacare – health insurance is now the law

After years of delay, the new Obamacare healthcare laws were activated on January 1st, 2014.  Under the Affordable Care Act or ACA, which was spearheaded by President Obama, all residents are now required to carry health insurance or face a fine.  Get your free health insurance quote now and compare healthcare rates in less than 8 minutes.

Personal healthcare rights under the new Obama plan

One of the main initiatives of Obamacare was to help patients keep coverage even if they had pre-existing conditions such as paralysis from a car accident.  The new law has allowed many consumers who otherwise might be turned away from healthcare, continued coverage that cannot be denied.  The ACA or Affordable Care Act gives patients more choices and a broad range of protections which include:

*  Unlawful to discriminate against adults or children who have pre-existing medical conditions
*  Ban of health insurance companies terminating coverage
*  Ban on health care providers limiting a patients coverage
*  Unlawful for providers to restrict or deny Emergency Room care
*  Guarantees for customers to appeal
*  Children up to 26 can be covered on their parents plan

How to get Cheap Health Insurance

Consumers now have more choices when selecting health insurance.  They can go to their state’s marketplace and buy coverage on open exchanges if they choose.  They also have the option to buy coverage on the open market and choose a private policy.  It is important to note, that if you do buy your policy from a private insurer, you will not be eligible for certain tax credits or subsidies based on your income level.  If you currently have Medicare coverage, don’t worry, your coverage will not be affected at all.  To check all of your health insurance options,  get a free quote today and find the best coverage online at the cheapest rates.