Direct General Auto Insurance

direct general auto insurance
Direct general insurance is the easiest way to (a) save money on car insurance and (b) find excellent coverage. Direct general auto insurance used to be purchased primarily through local agents or car insurance agents, in these days, the internet provides fast and straightforward access to car insurance companies across the country. From learning about favorite topics such as “how much car insurance do you need” to find a list of potential car insurance companies with the click of a mouse. Many wells trusted insurance providers like Esurance and 21st Century Insurance specialize in offering auto insurance direct to drivers.

Liability and Full Coverage Auto Insurance

Auto insurance has always been about personal preferences. People have different needs, and they choose a company to provide protection and coverage for their cars, life, health, and all related things. It is difficult for a corporation to be the right choice for everyone. However, Direct General Insurance, more commonly called Direct Auto Insurance, is trying to be one, and it does its purpose quite well. Like most insurers, the company gives options for drivers to purchase full coverage auto insurance based on the state’s minimum liability requirement. Yet, it also provides additional coverage, protection, and more. There are at least five differentiating features of Direct General Auto Insurance, as listed below.

credit history general

  1. Credit history is not a variable

Despite the controversy about using credit history or score to determine the premium rate for customers, some companies still need this personal and sensitive information as a requirement to apply for insurance. A bad credit score means paying a higher premium because the company thinks you may miss a payment. Direct Auto Insurance does not use this sensitive data as a variable to determine your premium, so it does not matter if your credit history is not actually in good shape.

high-risk driver

  1. High-risk drivers are welcomed

If you are listed under the “high-risk” category by insurance companies, chances are your application will be rejected, and you will find difficulties in purchasing coverage. You are considered a “high-risk driver” for various reasons, for example, repeated speeding or DUI, driving expensive cars, or you are old. The such driver requires non-standard coverage, which usually means a higher premium. Direct General Insurance allows you to apply for its coverage regardless of driving records, old traffic tickets, car models, etc.

customize payment

  1. Customized payment

It is probably the most customer-oriented option from Direct Auto Insurance. The company gives three different payment methods; it allows you to choose any month to pay your bill, arrange the installment plans, and determine your monthly cost depending on your down payment. You are not even required to have a credit card or a checking account to make payments.

easy access

  1. Easy-access

Another important thing about insurance is how easily the company is accessed in case you need help. Direct Auto Insurance has a network of more than 400 offices in 13 states, so you can get any assistance anytime necessary. You can even do every procedure, such as filing a claim, requesting quotes, make a payment via its official website 24 hours a day, seven days a week.